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The Pat Boone family and friends cookbook.
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High Hopes - Non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and retraining of people who had been devastated by traumatic head injuries.

Mothers of Miracles - Inspiration and Information for Mothers of Brain Injury Survivors.

Book: Heaven Hears - Heaven Hears is the true story of what happened when entertainment icon Pat Boone asked the world to pray for his grandson's survival.

Care Meridian - A sub-acute facility for victims of TBI. Ryan stayed there for three months and it is a caring, homestyle environment with many services available for rehabilitation

Quadriciser - Learn more about a machine Ryan uses in his daily rehabilitation.

John Mcguire Photography - Learn more about the man that takes the wonderful pictures you see from the Ryan's Reach Events.

TV Ears - Doctor recommended wireless TV listening device and proud sponsor of the 8th Annual Pat Boone and Friends Golf Classic.

Mike Michaelis (President)
Doug Corbin (Vice President)
Mark Desmond (Secretary)
Bill Lowrey (Treasurer)
Lindy Michaelis
Tim Healy
Mike Miller

TBI Home for Respite Care Status

One of our key Missions is coming true. A home we have acquired under a long-term lease, and modified for licensing by the state of California, is progressing nicely. Modifications have been completed and we have received clearance from the Orange County Fire Authority. We are awaiting final approval from the Department of Social Services. We hope to open our doors within a few months.

This is a five bedroom, single story home located in Tustin that will accommodate both ambulatory and non-ambulatory persons – six in total. We have widened doorways, installed accessible ramps, created a wheelchair accessible bathroom and even installed a complete fire sprinkler system in the home.

Please check out the pictures - Click Here. Should you have any questions or comments concerning the home and/or its intended use, please contact Mike Michaelis at (714) 396-7678.

We are committed to expanding the programs, services and outreach of High Hopes Neurological Recovery Group to more effectively address the financial, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of Traumatic Brain Injury victims and their families.

Ryan's Reach envisions a nationwide network of High Hopes Neurological Recovery Group facilities to serve the demanding and complex needs of brain injury victims and their families...

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Ryan's Reach was started as a result of gratitude. Ryan has REACHED out to God, family, friends, and the medical community to grasp his recovery from a severe brain injury. I am inspired when I realize the way he has had to hold on to his life and faith, knowing that God is not through with him yet. If you know Ryan, you know he is a leader. He will work the hardest and sacrifice the most to see that a job gets done well, which is why he's always risen to the top...

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Ryan Corbin was born on November 12, 1976. Since the day he was born, he has embraced everyone that has crossed his path and is loved by all who know him. He is a son, stepson, grandson, brother, nephew and friend. He was a star basketball player at Irvine High School and the President of his fraternity at Pepperdine University. But above all, Ryan is a believer in Jesus...

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